"Of Gods and Vigilantes"

The Dark Knight.

Pocket Edition.

Awesome super-deformation by Dan Panosian.

The Dark Knight.

Pocket Edition.

Awesome super-deformation by Dan Panosian.

Stupid movie I can’t go see yet… Mumble… Grumble…

Stupid movie I can’t go see yet… Mumble… Grumble…

I’ve yet to see Man of Steel…

Sick wife + Sick baby + Fathers Day will keep me away from it for a while.

I’ve heard both good and bad things, all fairly expectable reactions.

I also see its doing OK in the theaters. Not that any of us should give a fuck, since none of us is seeing a cent of that money or whatever.

I don’t plan on making a review.

You’ll definitely get to know what I thought about it though.

See ya!



Uncanny X-Men 12 Battle of the Atom part 4 Milo Manara variant

I do NOT like this new Kitty Pryde stuff one bit




Uncanny X-Men 12 Battle of the Atom part 4 Milo Manara variant

I do NOT like this new Kitty Pryde stuff one bit






Oh, Tumblr.

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September’s “Forever Evil”.

Best of The Rest Edition.

Featuring the New 52’s incarnation of the Secret Society (with “Mystery Hat Guy”, Copperhead and Amazo), Lobo (still the meanest bastion in the entire galaxy), Black Adam, Solomon Grundy (Earth-2’s avatar for The Roth), Deathstroke (bad father) and Trigon (bigger, badder father).

September’s “Forever Evil”.

Best of The Flash/Green Lantern Edition.

Featuring The Rogues (A.K.A. Mirror Master, Golden Glider, Weather Wizard, Heatwave and Captain Cold), the (as of yet mysterious) Reverse Flash, Sinestro (who appears quite different from how we last saw him on Johns final issue of Green Lantern, if I can push my Nerd glasses up my nose for a moment) and Black Hand (even more callous disregard for continuity, HOYVIN-GLAVIN!).

September’s “Forever Evil”.

Best of Wonder Woman/Aquaman Edition.

Featuring The First Born (Zeus’ forgotten son), Cheetah, Ocean Master (undoubtably his coolest iteration ever!) and Black Manta (ditto).

DC is in the toilet right now. It reminds me of the way Marvel was just before we did Marvel Knights. I’ll let you draw your own conclusions about the similarities and connections.


Paul Jenkins and his personal opinion on DC’s current state.

So this is the crux of my existence. The one thing everyone likes to throw in my face as soon as they find out I’m a DC fan.

Do I think Mr. Jenkins is full of human feces? Am I about to embark on a solid, 9000 words Wall-of-Text defending DC?

No. Paul is right. DC is in shambles. I know this. You’d have to be an idiot or be in complete denial not to see it.

Is it all completely atrocious and unreadable? No. Not in the slightest. There’s still good work happening in DC. Their entire digital-first catalogue is just amazing. And books like Batman, Swamp Thing, Animal Man, Green Arrow, JLofA, the last few issues of Suicide Squad, Flash and Wonder Woman are all excellent reads.

So I guess the question os why do I remain a DC fan?

Well, for starters, comics is not about fucking wining. There is no backing the wrong horse. Only supporting what you like. And I like DC. They’re my guys.

Sure. Marvel has some really awesome shit going on right now. I’m sure all of you can come with 3 or 4 titles that could take the place of my current DC pull list. You can sell me on Captain Marvel, Avengers Arena, Hawkeye, Uncanny X-Force, Deadpool and Fearless Defenders and I’m sure they’re all amazing books (some of these I actually KNOW they are amazing books), but to be quite honest with you, and no matter how great the craft and the storytelling is, I just don’t give two shits about any of these characters.

None of them.

Give me Hawkman. Give me Mister Miracle. Give me Infinity Inc, Steel, Aquaman, Superboy, Phantom Stranger, The Question, Animal Man, Deadman, Challengers of the Unknown. Give me that. That’s the stuff that moves me and that I connect with on a personal level.

It’s like being a sports fan really. I mean, how many Cubs fans still remain no matter how long it’s been since they last made it to the playoffs?

These are the guys I love. The ones that speak to me. Are they going to a rough patch? Yeah. The roughest I’ve yet to live through. But they’ll bounce back. Look at Marvel. Look at Image. Valiant. Fucking Liefeld’s Extreme Comics. They all bounced back. It’s the history of this industry.

So yeah, I’m a DC guy. Not a DC apologist nor a DC fanboy. Just a regular fan.

September’s “Forever Evil”.

Best of Batman Edition.

Featuring Harley Quinn (because I looooove antagonizing), the (über creepy) Court of Owls and Ra’s al Ghul (plus generic ninjas #6 and #7).




This folks is a rigged fight. Logan doesn’t have the adamantium anymore at this point in comic book history. Lobo can stand up to Superman punch for punch. He should have broken every bone in Logan’s body (since at that point they are breakable) and torn him apart.


Holy Shit. This was the biggest bullshit I have ever read in comics. You do not let fans pick who will win in a fight between Wolverine, and Lobo. 

And as you can see, they knew there was no way to have this fight happen realistically, so it all occurs behind the bar. This way you can’t see the editor pulling a Dues Ex Machina on the situation. Logan comes out without a scratch. He should be bloodied up good no matter what.